Frequently Questioned Answers

First Published: January 15, 2018
Last Updated: October 23, 2019

Why is this site so simplistic?

Much of the web today has been turned into a tool for tracking your browsing behavior, so that the most appropriate, targeted ads can be injected.

Your web browser, is becoming increasingly bloated, and thus prone to bugs, to accomodate “rich” media formats and real time data interchange.

Not all of this development is necessarily bad, but the driving forces often favor time to market over correctness, security, and safety. The combination of short deadlines and high complexity often leads to errors.

I am trying to provide simple information about me, my business, and my interests. I am not interested in tracking you, I do not serve ads, and I do not wish to force you to use the very latest in browser technology to be able to view this site.

Therefore, there are no cookies, no complex layouts, no moving parts, and very little media except plain text.

What tools are used to create this site?

I want pages that load quickly, works in any browser (mobile, desktop, CLI), has minial styling, and allows the user to adapt the site using the tools of the browser, e.g. font type and size. I also want simplicity in tooling and serving.

The site is completely static. I spent some time evaluating tools for creating static sites, and finally settled on Hugo.

The styling is minimal, a few lines of CSS, primarily to limit the line length to around 72 characters (this will vary if you choose another font-size). There are no absolute font-sizes, so the pages will adapt if you change the default font or font-size in your browser. I mostly use Firefox, so the default look of the site is adapted to the default settings of Firefox. YMMV.

There is no JavaScript, no cookies, no tracking.